4 Rules For Content That Connects

retro typewriterIn an article for the Content Marketing Institute, business and marketing strategist Neil Patel addresses “How to Fix the 4 Biggest Problems with Content Writers.”  It’s worth reading, but in snack-size, here are the main takeaways.

Work with content writers who know your industry

“It’s difficult to find a content writer who has deep experience with your industry. Yet such knowledge and experience are essential for a copywriter to succeed. Why? To write great content, you have to know your stuff forward, backward, inside out, and upside down.”

Know your audience

“You’ve got to research your audience, understand what they want, and deliver content that meets their needs. There’s no shortcut.”

Provide your followers with interesting content

“Isn’t it fascinating that some people think that certain industries are inherently dull? I’m here to say that there’s no such thing as a dull industry. Why? Because the right people will always be interested.”

Content needs to connect with your customers

“Content marketing has become another marketing function – just something you have to do. But content marketing is different from most business activities because it requires creative, inspired, and enthusiastic output of content.”

Patel concludes the article with, “I’m pretty sure that content marketing is going to be a viable form of marketing for the next few hundred years (if not longer). It’s in our best interest to give content writing our time and resources. It’s worth doing an amazing job.”

Good content doesn’t come easily.  It requires subject matter expertise, writing and research skills, time, interest, and effort.  Obviously you’ve got the expertise, but if you’re short on the other resources, I’d love to use my familiarity with a variety of industries to help. Reach out at elinore@kecommunications.net.


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