The “Terrible Balancing Act” of PR Professionals

On Meet The Press, President George W. Bush’s press secretary Ari Fleisher pointed out that the White House press secretary’s desk “literally sits equidistance between the front door of the Oval Office and the podium in the briefing room on the other side of you. And the press secretary is paid to represent the president. But you also have to work with and represent the press corps. And it’s a terrible balancing act.”

While the White House press secretary is a very visible example, this is the balancing act all public affairs and public relations professionals perform every day.

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The Answers are in the Questions

Do you spend enough time asking questions?

World-renowned thinkers Carl Jung and Albert Einstein knew that clearly identifying and defining a problem is the first step toward solving it. Often, just by asking the right questions the solution reveals itself. And questioning isn’t just important in psychiatry and physics. The latest issue of the Harvard Business Review has a terrific article that asks, “Are You Solving the Right Problems?”

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