Message Development

Identifying the key messages you want to share is rarely as straightforward as it seems.  An outsider can ask the right questions to zero in on what you want to say and the right words to say it.

Are you communicating with industry members? Consumers? Policymakers?  Ensuring your message is heard and understood by the people who matter means carefully considering your audiences’ perspective and tailoring your written and spoken talking points.

Reputation Management & Crisis Communication

When your organization or your industry is facing a reputational crisis, “winging it” isn’t an effective response.  If you don’t have a playbook to take you step by step through the actions needed to address sensitive issues with the full range of stakeholders–from consumers to policymakers–it’s time to create one.

And, should a crisis occur, an experienced crisis communications specialist can help effectively implement the plan and react to contingencies, ensuring that your story is shared accurately and in a timely way–avoiding a vacuum that will be filled by speculation fueled by your critics.

Writing & Editing

Too busy with day-to-day and customer service to focus on an important writing or research project? Writing, editing, and proofreading just not your forté? Curiosity, effort, and attention to detail are what set me apart; my writing on your behalf will reflect my desire to understand and convey what you do and why you do it.

Whether you need someone with an eagle eye to ensure your written communications make the right impression with careful editing and proofreading, or you need website content or other documents your staff isn’t available to put together, outsourcing can be an efficient use of resources.

Need Something Else?

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